Lip Shaping and Definition

As we age, lips often lose some volume, and can start to look a little thinner, they can also flatten and lose their shape.

Also, even in non-smokers, especially if you are very expressive, little 'bar code' or lipstick lines can start to appear on the upper lip.

Juvederm Volbella and some other dermal fillers are lovely gentle products which can be used to give your lips definition, and not volume, so you regain the natural shape of your lips without risking a 'trout pout'.

Lip shaping - lips.jpg Lip shaping - Volbella.jpg

Juvederm Volbella incorporates the very latest in Vycross Technology, to produce a very smooth, soft natural result which is very long lasting.

It contains lidocaine, the local anaesthetic, so the procedure is virtually painfree, and is less hydrophilic (water attracting) than other fillers, so there tends to be less swelling after the procedure (Often for only one day at the most).

The filler then takes on the normal consistency and feel of your skin, leaving your lips looking completely natural.

Lip-enhancement-before-1.jpg Lip-enhancement-after-1.jpg

Before and after pictures showing subtle enhancement and shape definition of the lips - using Juvéderm Ultra.

Lip-enhancement-before-2.jpg Lip-enhancement-after-2.jpg

Side view showing rebalancing of the projection of the lower lip, slight reshaping and more projection of the upper lip giving a lovely profile and subtle lip enhancement - using Juvéderm Ultra.

I'm delighted with my lips, it has been over 6 months now and the Juvéderm Volbella just lasts and lasts and lasts. I still haven't got any of those vertical lines that I hated. I think it's brilliant.
Mrs B, Ipswich

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