The biggest breakthrough in beauty therapy since Botox
Daily Mail, UK

I am truly staggered by the amazing results of this treatment. I had no idea it even existed. I came to Suffolk Medical Clinic to see if dermal filler might help in a deep scar to temporarily fill it out - and now it has gone altogether - permanently. Thank you Jenny and Anthony so much.
Mrs W, Lavenham

The results are really amazing, the length of the stretchmark is considerably reduced and the white colour has disappeared.
Votre Beauté Magazine, France

I am proud to have conducted the first clinical studies using CO2 gas injections to treat stretch marks. Our center has found this therapy to be the best option currently available to treat this condition.
Professor Carlos Antonio Abramo M.D., Ph.D, São Paolo, Brazil.

Everyone is asking what I've done to make my skin look so good.
Kyra Panchenko, Makeup artist, Sex & the City.

I tell all my models to try a little RioJuvenation.
Rie Omoto, Makeup Artist, Editorial Contributor, In Style Magazine, Vogue.

The skin around my eyes looks firmer and brighter.
Leora Barish, Screenwriter, Desperately Seeking Susan.