Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the treatment painful?
  2. Is there any downtime?
  3. How long do the benefits last?
  4. Is carbon dioxide toxic to me?


Is the treatment painful?

Some people may experience some mild discomfort but most find it less uncomfortable than electrolysis, laser, or waxing.

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Is there any downtime?

Carboxytherapy is minimally invasive. Any swelling is transient, and usually settles within a few minutes. Occasionally some pinprick bruising is present. Generally speaking, there is no downtime.

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How long do the benefits last?

Depending on the type of treatment, effects can be permanent (stretch marks) or last for several years (dark circles under the eyes), but the treatment does not stop the ageing process. Regular maintenance treatments will extend the benefits.

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Is carbon dioxide toxic to me?

No, carbon dioxide is a natural by-product of the body and is not toxic.

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