I came to you for Botox treatment to help the sweating under my arms. That was 6 months ago and I was and still am delighted with the results. Thank you so much. I can wear the outfits I want to now without any problems.
Ms N, Ipswich

The Botox for my under arm sweating has transformed my life. I am absolutely delighted with the treatment. It started working after just a few days and is now only wearing off 8 months later. I can wear the clothes I want and don't have to worry. It is definitely worth the investment and worth every penny. Thank you so much.
Mrs S, Sudbury

The Botox® for my underarm sweating has meant that I have bought - and worn, a blue shirt for the first time. I feel like I have had a new lease of life.
Mr F, Clacton on Sea

Last year I had Botox® treatment to my armpits to stop sweating. It was very successful and I was really pleased.
Mrs A, Bury St Edmunds

Life changing - I'm stunned at how effective the treatment has been.
Mr B, Colchester

You treated my husband recently with Botox for excessive sweating...and I just want to congratulate you in his results...he's a different man...so confidant and full of himself, it's unreal. He is so pleased with the results. Many thanks.
Mrs F Brightlingsea

Once a year I treat myself to Botox for my underarms. It makes such a difference about the way I feel about myself. It is well worth the money for me and I am a much nicer and more confident person to live with!
Mrs C, Sudbury

The treatment is spot on - I can now stand up and do my sales meetings without feeling self conscious and having to pack an extra shirt. I will be back.
Mr B, Bury St Edmunds

Absolutely amazing - little or no perspiration since the procedure!
Mr E, Bury St Edmunds

Just a short note to say that I am absolutely delighted with the results of my Botox treatment for excessive sweating. I can now wear any colour clothes without worrying (think I will need a bigger wardrobe!) Thank you so much for a professional and friendly service.
Mrs B, Colchester

I am really pleased with the results. My underarms have been put to the test on several occasions and although occasionally I still feel hot and damp my clothing is always dry. It couldn't have come at a better time with the hot weather and pressures at work as well as the wedding planning. Thank you very much - I will be in touch.
Miss M, Ipswich

Just a few lines to say thank you very much for the treatment. It seems to have worked wonders. It's boosted my confidence in my career, making my meetings much less of an endurance, knowing that the problem is now under control. Once again thank you very much and I would imagine I shall be seeing you in the future.
Mr F, Essex

I just wanted to thank you so much for the treatment you gave me. I wore a grey T-Shirt today, all day so far and it's amazing. The treatment has helped me more than I can explain. You and your husband were so welcoming and I will certainly be coming back to renew the treatment. Thanks again and see you in 6/7 months.
Miss V, Ipswich